The Embeautyment Method

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The Embeautyment Method integrates wellness with beauty through a set of 19 mind, body, and spirit practices. It is a holistic approach to beauty that results in health and ultimately healing. 



The 19 Embeautyment Method Practices:

MIND BEAUTY: Thoughts and emotions rooted in positivity, compassion, and resilience that lead us to cause pleasure for ourselves and others.

Beauty Narratives

Cultivating positive thoughts and stories about beauty


Placing focus on what’s right about us and applying our unique value everyday


Showing tenderness and consideration towards ourselves and others


Feeling and/or expressing appreciation or thanks


Growing awareness by paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally

Growth Mindset

Taking the learner’s path by using curiosity and effort to accomplish goals and overcome obstacles

BODY BEAUTY: Actions inspired by self-care, vitality and nourishment that align our innermost nature with our outer expression.


Consumption that fuels the body and is motivated by love


Getting the amount of sleep it takes to renew and refresh your whole being


Creating energetic harmony and flow that sustains mind, body, spirit vitality


Cultivating a consistent and enjoyable movement practice motivated by body gratitude

Beauty Rituals

Adding mindfulness, loving-intention and gratitude to beauty care

Complementary Therapies

Blending wellness causing practices with current beauty care

SPIRIT BEAUTY: Transcendence from the limitations of physical beauty through cultivating meaning, creativity, and connections to self, community, and a higher power.


Offering skills, talents and abilities in order to improve the welfare of others


Developing potential in people and processes


Going inward through meditation, journaling or any other self-prescribed practice


Lifting up, connecting, and supporting the wellness of the people around you


Connecting to something greater than yourself

Creative Expression

Creating freely, with compassion, curiosity, and an open mind


Engaging in activities that are fun, care-free, and have no outcome


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